Bill Ortt

Fr. Bill became the Rector of Christ Church in September 1999. Prior to that he served as Rector of St. Stephen's Church in Newton, Iowa from 1990-1999 and as Assistant to the Rector of St. Francis Church in Greensboro, North Carolina from 1986-1990. He graduated from the General Theological Seminary in 1986 with a Masters in Divinity, and from the Drew University School of Theology in 1993 with a Doctorate in Ministry. He is married to Susan Ortt whose full-time occupation is in Information Technology at Talbot County Schools and whose full-time profession is in the specialty area of husband-as-rector management, even while actively participating in a number of ministries in the parish. Many will testify to the fact she has her hands full.
Believing that the church is both expression of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and experience of the Holy Spirit has led Fr. Bill to appreciate the power and wisdom of seeking to be a "call-driven" community: "In every endeavor of the church we are compelled to appreciate that our work is undertaken in the name of God. Therefore the parish, in such intimate partnership as God's love makes real, will listen carefully for the voices of those being called into the varieties of ministries the Holy Spirit raises up and then discern how to support them, and let their ministries lead. There are functional things we must do, and that all churches must do, to keep the church going. We want to do those very well, At the same time the Holy Spirit is less about maintaining what we do as a church, and has a great deal to do with who we are as disciples of Christ."

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