JOHN 8:12

It has been said that it is “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” 2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges for the world, our country, our community, and this church. In spite of the times, the glory of God and the light and life we know as our Lord Jesus Christ has shown forth undiminished. In fact, for those seeking it, his grace and love are shining brightly. This page includes a few of the many thousands of comments, texts, and messages we have received over the course of the last year. It shows that although we are neither a large nor a famous church, we have been faithful in our calling to hold a lit candle in dark times and it has mattered. It will always matter. We know we are not able to change the world, and we cannot be there for everyone, but to the glory of God we have made a real, positive, and hopeful difference for some people and that has made a world of difference for them. With your help, we will continue our holy work of holding up Christ's light so that any seeking it may find it, and in finding it may know its love and peace. 

I can hardly express my gratitude upon the surprise of the prayer shawl you gifted me. I love it and it brought me to tears. You are all so uplifting to me. I use it daily with my devotions. I hope you feel my love and appreciation.
I can feel your love of heart.

B. D. from Seaford, DE 

Although I have never been an Episcopalian, I have found comfort and peace as I worship with you weekly. The ways you present the Gospel in word and song really touch my heart. Please continue to stream these services even when pandemic restrictions are lifted. 
B. B. from Raleigh, NC 


Thank you for sharing your music videos online. Thank you for finding a way to give peace to me at such a crazy time in the world. Thank you for your online ministries and your Stop & Pray time. 
D. C. from Cordova, MD 

I love watching your virtual services. The ministry of Father Bill and Father Charlie and the music ministry and prayer ministry are a wonderful blessing to me… The Lord himself saw my need, I am sure. I share the Stop & Pray moments each day. Thank you to each and every one who makes your ministry possible.
L. R. from Belfair, WA 


I am grateful for your weekly messages and for the church choirs. Totally inspired! Perhaps this (gift) will contribute a little to the costs. I love this church.
P. H. from Easton, MD 

(We) want you to know how much we appreciate your weekly services. Listening to your services has provided us with a feeling of peace and normalcy. In addition, the music productions are wonderful.
D.L. & E. B. from Easton, MD 


I am Fr. Rob! I stumbled across your church and it's wonderful music - and professional production of it all….Your church community looks fantastic - if I had to choose a church, I am sure I’d love it there; there is so much going on.
St Vincent's Anglican Chaplaincy Algarve, Portugal 

Thank you so much or all your helping me and my family find a place to live. I am so very thankful. God bless you all.
(Easton outreach recipient) 


We planned to join before COVID-19 struck but have been inspired by the virtual messages and music and we hope and pray that someday this will happen. In the meantime, we truly appreciate the services and the sermons which help us all remember what is truly important. We are blessed deeply by Father Bill and Father Charlie’s sharing of faith and wisdom and want to contribute as we can.
P. & B. B. from Havre De Grace, MD 

Thank you for your wonderful ministry outreach on Facebook of contemporary music videos. They are wonderful. You are a blessing to many, and we are glad to support you! In His service.
R. H. from Salisbury, MD


•You have been a blessing to us. Finding a new church and church family has been very important to us as we transitioned permanently from PA to MD. We look forward to worshiping in person when the time comes. Stay well and we will continue our online worship.
K. & L. M. from Easton, MD 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support in these difficult times. They have blessed me immensely and have brought me to the wonderful company of a Bible study fellowship of love and grace. I am no longer alone. Thanks be to God for your ministry.
C. D. from Annapolis, MD 


Thank you for the multitude of spiritual blessings you bestow upon me in ways I am inadequate in expressing. I listen and am uplifted each week… You bring me to a very special place in my mind, heart, and spirit. I am so incredibly thankful.
(virtual member comment)

• Thanks again for all you do, especially for acknowledging our many anxieties during these times, and your reminder that God is with us through it all.
C. & J. W. from Easton, MD 

Lord that we would all look at each other through the eyes of Jesus and see what you see!
(music video comment)

Thank you for all you do for the young people of our community. Your youth leaders are full of love, kindness, commitment, faith, and energy. Their commitment has touched our hearts and many more. My daughters and my family have been immensely blessed by your youth ministries during this COVID crisis.
(comment from an Easton, MD parent) 

I am forever grateful for the Christ Church Outreach Ministry. You have met me at all my needs. God bless everyone involved. 
(Easton outreach recipient) 


I can’t say enough about these beautiful videos and how much needed uplifting songs are in these very sad and trying times. I look forward to seeing the new videos every week or relishing previous ones..., I share them as well or tell others so they can enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you again for all you do to help put that beautifulness back in our daily lives that we forget how much we need.
(music video comment) 

I cannot say how much you have meant to me. Thank you for your all your love and care. The loss of my husband left me alone and lost, but I have been blessed by your care. Much love,
(online prayer request from Michigan) 

Awesome music, and performance. Thank you for sharing. This music lights up a very sad WORLD! Love to hear these songs again and again. Please keep singing! (music video comment) 

The truth is, even though I didn’t think we needed the help, we did. It was such an amazing relief not to have to think about shopping or preparing meals in the thick fog of grief. I am deeply grateful. Your efforts are so very powerful and meaningful.
E. M. & R. M. from Easton, MD 


I saw the Instagram post about the Bishop Curry’s “Love is the Way” Bible study. I’m curious what you can share with me about the group and how it works. I’m not sure I can make the time to commit to the group—m y heart really want to though. Please know I’m not a church member – I live in the Baltimore area, but found and followed Christ Church on Instagram after a visit to Easton where I enjoyed photographing your beautiful church. I like your social media posts and the reminders to stop & pray.
M. C. from Baltimore, MD (Has joined one of our Zoom studies and brought a friend.) 

Your support has meant so much. Thank you for the love you have given me. I am growing stronger every day, and I find great comfort, peace, and hope in your prayers. Many blessings of God be with you.
(online prayer request) 

Every single music video that has come out of Christ Church—both contemporary and traditional—has blessed me deeply. What an amazing ministry this continues to be.
J. D. 

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