“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples:
If you have love for one another” 

JOHN 13:35

How do we love one another as Christ loves us? How do we fight for the soul of the person beside us from a place of love?  How do we meet the stranger at their darkest moments with the light of holy love? Answer: by our living witness in word and deed—honestly, humbly, hopefully, and with God’s help.


Our calling to be a compassionate Christian community is a calling to life.

In both word and deed the witness of our lives reveals the love of God for all; one moment at a time, one decision at a time, one person at a time. 


In Christ, our lives have a powerful purpose to serve, a holy way to follow, and a profound peace to share. It is a real hope for the world. With your help, sacrifice, and faith, we will continue this holy work, serving the love of God with passion and conviction so that any seeking God’s love may find it, feel it, and have it for themselves.


· I often wonder if we realize just how powerful our tithes and offerings are to support our ministries. Take the Prayer Shawl Ministry as an example: I received a prayed-over, hand-knitted shawl along with a prayer printed on the back of a Christ Church card. I wear that shawl day and night at home. It wraps around me with warmth, reminding me of my heavenly Father’s loving care. I don’t have the words to express the value of these two gifts...the impact of God’s love they had on me when I felt so helpless. 


· “It is heartwarming to know that there is such genuine concern for those in need in our community.”  Talbot County Social Services


· “Pastoral Care is the care of souls. But a circle of faithful folks at Christ Church have become a circle of light that encircles the world. Since COVID we have delivered meals locally and prayer shawls to the other side of the country. We have listened to the cares of people down the street, and prayed online with people from other countries. Your gifts help sustain and extend the range of our collective compassion.


· “On behalf of Neighborhood Service Center, thank you for your generous support of Webb’s Hope. Webb’s hope provides safe and affordable housing for residents in need of more permanent housing. Your support has enabled NSC to put 23 of these people.”


· “People call their small groups lifelines, going so far as to Zoom from Florida, Maine, and Vermont. We love having people from other churches who join our Bible studies. What I see every time we gather around a table or on a screen: people become friends, we laugh, we learn, we create community. We understand and embody love a little more. We allow God's Word to inform and help form how we live.”


· We have been watching Christ Church on YouTube for the last year and a half and have come to love your Sunday services, the messages you offer and the beautiful musical ministries, both traditional and contemporary. We look forward to being with you.


· “The Christ Church Youth Group (CCYG) is a place I can go and feel comfortable, not just with the other kids but the youth leaders too. We have fun and learn about God in a space where it’s ok to question beliefs and learn from it. CCYG changed my perspective about religion into something where I can grow my relationship with God. I truly feel God’s presence and feel at home at CCYG.”


· “Thank you for your contribution to Harriett’s House. The mission of Harriett’s House to bring freedom to the captives of human trafficking  continues to resonate, and we are relying more on the financial and in-kind support of our donors to enable us to meet the needs of those women who reach out to us.”


· “That (traditional music video) was so beautiful. I feel like you and your music family have been a true witness to all during the pandemic.”










· “Christ Church is a family that has witnessed the amazing power of prayer. Our loving God has been teaching us how very blessed we are as we pray and lift each other up to Jesus to pour His healing and favor into our lives, and we give Him thanks and praise for this special gift.”


· “Your generosity to Wounded Warrior Project speaks volumes about your concern for the truly deserving servicemen and women who placed their lives on the line to secure our freedom and safety and as a result returned home wounded in body and sprit.”


· “I hope you will continue this  (music video) ministry even after the pandemic has passed. You have brought comfort, hope, and peace as you witness your love for our lord. Thank you so much!”

· “Thank you so much for your recent donation to Talbot Interfaith Shelter. You are restoring dignity, hope, and self-reliance in the lives of families and individuals who are struggling with the devastating effects of poverty and homelessness.”


· “My wife and I have been YouTubing Christ Church for about 18 months. The contemporary music is magnificent (and) we play your music several times per week. Your group of singers and musicians are quite talented and their love of our Lord is evident.”


· “There is no way to express our gratitude. Holy Cross Anglican School (Belize) is continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like you who answer the call to give again and again.”


· “Great message, Father Charlie, I hope all hear and draw closer to each other with understanding and love.”

· “To the food ministry and all in Christ Church who continue to care and pray for those who so appreciate all you do. We appreciate the wonderful meals and bless the hands of those who made them. We love everyone in this special congregation.”


· “I am enclosing an offering in support of your wonderful Christ centered ministries and a memorial for my beloved granddaughter. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for our family.”


· “Building African American Minds is grateful for your support. We utilized the funding to support our girl’s program which began during our summer camp programming. We have a first class of 10 girls that started in September for school year 2021-2022.”


· “Father Bill, everything you preached on this evening hit home with me. I could not have articulated these feelings, observations, and comments any better. Thank you for your dedication to the church and congregation.”

















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